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Responsible research is delivered through the project team members; the client, rkwconsulting, suppliers and respondents.

I believe that achieving responsible aims comes via personal values, passion, experience and belief.

The seed for rkwconsulting was sown by Rachael Walton in 2009.

A researcher with over 26 years research experience, I have a passion for sustainability and social responsibility from which the concept of a ‘responsible qualitative research consultancy’ evolved. I have a MSC in Responsible Tourism Management.

Depending on the needs and scope of a project, I can either work independently as an associate/freelancer or project manager working alongside your team or I can bring together a team of associates best suited to the research topic, the client and the respondent.

Lucy Banister, The Nursery: “We have worked with Rachael Walton since 2013; on a number of projects across a range of sectors from travel and tourism to retail to corporate. She has conducted one on one depths, face to face and by phone for business and consumer targets. She has gone in-home and in-store for us, and produced lots of great material with both pictures and film as well as delivering detailed and insightful notes. She goes beyond reportage (that all elusive quality that so many freelancers out there don't have).

We have found her smart, professional and flexible (she was happy to jump on a train and go wherever we needed her to go). She was also able to work to some very tight timelines. We have found her invaluable when we have been short of researchers and have a big project to conduct in a hurry. We have also worked with her during the summer when many in our team are away.

Her pricing is fair and transparent and she is pleasure to work with her. I would recommend her unhesitatingly.”

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