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The responsible qualitative service provided by rkwconsulting can be of benefit to you in a number of ways

- I have 26 years market research experience, so you will have a director level consultant working on your research projects

- You will always have one consistent point of contact throughout the duration of the project  

- I have a wealth of experience of working in the not for profit sector; animals, healthcare, youth, overseas. Including a mix of stakeholder engagement, and donor and supporter activities. As well as many years experience in the for profit sector

- My academic background in Responsible Tourism Management means that where relevant I can bring with me my responsible and sustainable thinking

- I'm very happy to travel throughout the UK, so I can provide you with a nationwide solution. I'm based in North Wales, so if you do happen to have a research project which requires moderation in the North West e.g. Liverpool or Manchester, then my services may provide you with a time efficient and cost effective solution to your moderation needs. 

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